*500.000 Deaths per year in Europe
attributed to physical inactivity.
*80 billion Euros per year are the direct (health care) and indirect costs of physical inactivity in Europe.

The overall vision of the NowWeMOVE campaign is to

get 100 million more Europeans physically active by the year 2020

It is an ambitious vision, but we believe in it.
We can reach the vision if we get Europe on the move.


In past decades we discovered that smoking was one of the biggest threats to public health, causing millions of deaths and costing huge amounts in public spending.

But now we know there is a growing threat that is ready to overtake smoking:
lack of physical activity!*

Two thirds of the adult population in Europe do not meet the recommended level of physical activity, which is 30 minutes per weekday.**

Europe needs, must and absolutely has to get moving again!