On 24th of April 2019, European No Elevators Day will take place as a part of the NowWeMOVE campaign. No Elevators Day highlights a simple way for busy people to add physical activity to their day: take the stairs instead.

All organisations and individual citizens are invited to join the initiative by voluntarily closing some of the elevators and/or escalators on their premises. By joining in you will encourage more busy people to keep moving throughout the day. All activities under No Elevators Day title will be voluntary and will take into consideration the accessibility requirements for disabled people.

The main objective of No Elevators Day is to focus the public's attention on the importance of physical activity and demonstrate how easy it is for them to be active despite their busy everyday lives.

"We hope that with public activities like No Elevators Day we will make people reconsider how they can include physical activity in their daily routines. Simple actions such as discouraging them from using the elevator offer them opportunities they can easily find environments where they spend the most time, such as the workplace", European Coordinator of the NowWeMOVE campaign, Laska Nenova says.

"Today we are able to enjoy a variety of technologies that save us a lot of time and effort. However, they have also caused the human body to become more sedentary and may not develop and function optimally as a result. As humans we are born movers who need frequent physical activity."

To discover more ways of being active at your workplace, follow our posts on the NowWeMOVE blog.

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