Bike for Europe is a cross-border cycling tour which aims to encourage communities to take action and build networks between refugees, citizens, sport clubs and organisations. Two teams of cyclists will cycle across Europe, starting on 1st of September separately from two different countries, the Netherlands and Greece. The tour will finish on 23rd of September in Vienna, Austria, as it will be holding the presidency of the Council of the European Union and kick off the European Week of Sport 2018.

The tour will be led by the two teams and joined by citizens from 11 different countries. Not only along the route but also in cities off the route several side-events are organised. Examples for such activations can be Bike Yoga, Cycling workshops for migrants or collecting bikes for refugees.

How will your city greet the Bike for Europe team? And how will your community know they can be a part of it? That’s where your organisation comes into play. Contact us at!

Check the dates when the tour is closest to you and tell your friends about #BikeForEurope.
Also help them to stay active and to empower others through spreading the word of the Bike for Europe Kilometre Donation Challenge.


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